Move in/Living Off-Campus

The day has come and you are finally ready to move into your off-campus housing! Before moving any of your belongings into your new living space, make sure to do a walk-through with your landlord. Any scratches, paint blemishes, or broken utilities should be recorded. Remember to report issues or damages right away when moving in so you are not fined later. Take date stamped pictures/video of ANYTHING you feel is warranted in order to protect your security deposit. Keep a log of any damages, or go through the attached inventory checklist with your landlord at the start of your lease. Be sure to fill out the inventory/checklist before moving in. Make sure you sign it, along with an agent from the rental company, but don't sign the document without reviewing it .

If an issue arises with your housing, make sure to report all problems to your landlord and/or maintenance services immediately. Persistent or unresponsive issues, (such as a broken water pipe, overflowing toilet, electrical problem, or mold in your apartment) should be reported immediately. If you are unable to get a response by your landlord in a timely matter, contact Town of Normal Inspections (309-454-9581) or the Dean of Students Office Students' Attorney ( 309-438-2008).


Moving out/Getting your security deposit returned

When moving out, make sure you clean! Many leasing companies will charge for improper cleaning.

Take date stamped pictures and/or video of the apartment when moving out. This will provide documentation for any charges you feel are unwarranted. If you do not receive your full deposite back, you are entitled to an itemized list of charges and receipts for work that was done on the apartment after you moved out. Question any charges you feel were unwarranted or incorrect. Make sure to contact ISU's Students' Attorney if a problem has not been resolved promptly or if you need assistance.

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