I Am Normal

It is a misconception that you are not a community member of the Town of Normal when going to college. In Fall 2013, Illinois State University and the Town of Normal launched the "I Am Normal" campaign. This campaign encourages students to be more engaged and responsible citizens of the Normal community. Please remember being a good citizen involves multiple entities such as yourself, neighbors and roommates, landlord, Bloomington/Normal, and the ISU community. An off-campus student can be a good citizen by adhering to the following:

  1. Be aware of noise levels (especially early in the morning or late at night); be respectful of student and non-student neighbors.
  2. Keep your place looking nice. Pick up trash in the yard and keep furniture indoors.
  3. Seek out campus/community resources before hosting a party to do so safely and respectfully. Off-Campus ordinance violations from the town are shared with the university and students may find themselves in the conduct process with Student Conduct and Community Responsibilities (SCCR).
  4. Get to know your neighbors. Say hi!

 Below is the "I Am Normal" Pledge.


I am an Illinois State Student and I am a citizen of Normal. I pledge to: