Community Relations

City ordinances are local government laws that should be taken serious. Knowing city ordinances when living off-campus is extremely important...especially when hosting a party.

Common Town of Normal ordinances that students encounter are listed below.

  •Unlawful sale of alcohol: $750

  •Furnishing alcohol to a minor: $350

  •Unlawful possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor: $275

  •Possession of alcohol in a public place: $275

  •Fighting: $275

  •Public urination: $100

  •Sound amplification: $100

These fines are for first time violations; subsequent violations can result in higher fines! Violations of town ordinances could also be violations of the Code of Student Conduct.

Some violations that fall under the alcohol policy per the Code of Student Conduct are:

Possessing, purchasing, distributing, manufacturing, or consuming any alcoholic beverage unless that student is at least twenty-one years of age. Students of legal age may possess or consume alcoholic beverages only in specified areas and only in compliance with all other University regulations and guidelines related to alcohol consumption.

Selling alcohol. Students may not sell alcohol at any time without possessing an appropriate license.


Social Host

Please be aware of your social host responsibilities when hosting a party. Social hosting refers to the legal responsibility of the person(s) who supplies the alcohol to those who consume the alcohol. A social host should never provide alcohol to minors when throwing a party and should always be aware of who is at the party. Charging people for alcohol without the proper license even if they are above the age of 21 is against the law.


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