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About the Dean of Students Office

From their first day at Illinois State as new students, to their walk across the stage at Commencement, the Dean of Students Office assists students throughout their collegiate journey.

Through a variety of services, solutions, and support, the Dean of Students Office helps students apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life practice. Whether they are interested in joining or starting a registered student organization, participating in cultural learning experiences, or seeking to develop their leadership skills, the Dean of Students Office helps students find their way as they discover their passion at Illinois State.

Dean on Duty

We are here when you have a question or need assistance and don't know who to ask.

Unsure how the Dean on Duty can help?

The Dean on Duty is available to listen, assist in gathering information, serve as a referral source, or help students/family members navigate through the University. Students most commonly consult with the Dean on Duty when they are managing an extended absence, considering withdrawal from the current semester, overwhelmed by a family or personal emergency, or have a concern about a class or instructor.

Are you a faculty or staff member seeking assistance for a student?

The Guide to Helping Students Get Help is designed to help faculty/staff know where to refer a student for help. The Dean on Duty is also available by phone or walk-in to consult with faculty and staff members.

Requests for assistance will be received and responded to when the office is open.

If you have an emergency after our normal weekday business hours or on the weekend, please call Student Counseling Services at (309) 438-3655 (for a mental health-related emergency) or the Illinois State University Police Department at 911 or (309) 438-8631 (all other emergencies).

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Central Office Staff


Dr. Andy Morgan

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

Jill Benson

Associate Dean

Michelle Whited

Associate Dean

Dr. Donald Reed

Associate Dean

Ron Givens

Case Manager

Terri Haerr

Marketing and Events Coordinator

Chelsea Hood

Administrative Aide

Maren Keller

Administrative Aide

Morgan Lynch

Graduate Assistant, Case Management

Amy Miller

Commencement and Special Events Coordinator

Jessica Sutter

Business Manager

Joseph Thomas

Case Manager

Samantha Vazquez, attorney at law

Students' Attorney