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Event Planning

Whether your organization is preparing to host a speaker on campus or sending representatives to a national conference, use the following resources to help you coordinate and manage your event.

Check the date

Check the University Calendar and Redbird Life before planning an event to be sure it does not compete with a similar organization's event. Post your event on Redbird Life as soon as possible.

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Reserve space

Reserve space in the Bone Student Center or in another building on campus

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Check out funding opportunities and resources for assistance or support.  

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Contracts serve as agreements for payment between the registered student organization (RSO) and a third-party (DJ, speaker, vendor, etc.).

The contracting process for Independent and Sponsored student organizations are different, and those processes can be found at the following links under "Contracts":

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Risk management

Any time your RSO hosts an activity of any kind, you are assuming varying levels of risk. Make certain that you are aware of those risks and are taking the proper steps to cover your RSO before moving ahead with planning. Having participants sign a waiver may be a wise option. This sample waiver may be adapted for your purposes. You may also be required to purchase one-day or special event insurance.

There are quite a few insurance companies, including many that are internet-based, that offer special event insurance coverage for purchase; University Risk Management will need to review the purchased insurance to determine if it meets requirements. For the convenience of the RSOs and other event participants, the University has already vetted the following two insurance companies that also offer special event insurance coverage:

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Promoting Your Event


The University maintains selected locations and kiosk structures for the placement of other messages to be shared with the campus community. All placements in these areas must conform to University policies, including institutional identity, sponsorship, advertising, and alcohol, and will be removed in accordance with Facilities Management procedures.

Ornament, paint, paint chalk, adhesives, tape, duct tape, and other defacing materials are prohibited.

Washable chalk is allowed only on ground level horizontal concrete surfaces that are easily cleaned and not protected by building overhangs, porches or canopies. No chalking will be permitted on vertical surfaces.

Digital display

The Student Involvement Center has a digital display screen dedicated to RSOs outside of 227 Bone Student Center. You can fill out a Digital Display Screen Online Request to utilize this marketing option.


Printed fliers

Fliers: Be sure to check the Posting Guidelines for printed fliers.

Free printing: RSOs are able to print 15 black/white or color copies a day in the Student Involvement Center (225 Bone Student Center).

Redbird Life

All recruitment, marketing, and event information should be included in your RSO's Redbird Life portal profile. You can create events and meetings for your organization that is shared to the Illinois State community, track RSVPs/attendance, and share organization information.

RSO Newsletter

Complete an RSO Newsletter Submission Request to have your organization's events, recruitment materials, or volunteer opportunities included in the monthly RSO Newsletter.

Sidewalk sign

The Student Involvement Center provies sidewalk signs for RSOs to utilize on a first come, first served basis. RSOs decorate the chalk sidewalk sign and the Student Involvement Center staff place it on either Milner or Schroeder Plaza. For more information or to make a reservation, complete a chalk sidewalk sign request.

Social media through the Student Activities office

The Student Activities office can assist RSOs with marketing their events by sharing content on its social media platforms. Fill out a social media content sharing form to utilize this marketing option.

Campus media

The Vidette online newspaper

For information on advertisements and/or press releases, contact The Vidette at (309) 438-7685 or

WZND Radio

For information on live on-air announcements, WZND Street Team, and/or to make arrangements for an emcee or DJ, contact WZND at (309) 438-5491 or


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