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Policies and Procedures

University Policies and Procedures

Alcohol Procedures for Events

The Dean of Students Office has revised and updated the procedures and registration form for RSOs who wish to host events with alcohol. The new procedures are effective September 1, 2022.

If your RSO would like to host an event with alcohol, you must:

  1. Follow the appropriate procedures document.
  2. Email the appropriate contact to set up a meeting to discuss the event. Please note the following:
    • Any event involving alcohol must be registered. Alcohol is limited to beer, wine, and beverages where the alcohol percent by volume is below 10 percent. Hard liquor and mixed drinks are prohibited.
    • Pursuant to the Events with Alcohol Procedures for RSOs and other Univeristy policy and/or procedure, bar crawls are prohibited due to the high-risk nature of these types of events.
    • All events must include non-alcoholic beverages and food suitable for individual servings for guests.
  3. Complete the Event with Alcohol Registration Form and submit all supporting documentation by the deadlines outlined in the procedures. This must be done for each event.

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In order to protect the classroom learning environment, Illinois State has developed an amplification policy for outdoor events and activities. Please refer to the policy when planning your event.

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Bank/Credit Union Account Information and Procedures

Independent registered student organizations are required to hold an account at a bank or credit union for all self-generated funds such as membership dues and money raised through fundraising initiatives.

Bank/Credit Union Account Information

IRS Reporting Requirements for RSOs

This information is provided for general information purposes of student organizations and is not to be considered tax advice given by the University or its employees. All independent RSOs and accounts independent of Illinois State University under their own FEIN should rely upon tax advice provided by their own independent tax advisors. For more information, visit the IRS website for charitable and other nonprofit organizations.

  • The IRS requires organizations who pay individuals $600 or more for services, such as performers, speakers, DJs, graphic designers, etc., within a calendar year to complete and file a 1099 form for the individual. See Form 1099MISC for more information.
  • Before issuing payment, you will need to request a W-9 from the individual and then keep it in a secure location. The W-9 will be necessary for completing the 1099 form.
  • There are multiple IRS forms and steps which must be completed when hiring an individual from a foreign country. See International Taxpayers for more information.

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Campus Building Usage

  • Academic Buildings/Classrooms
  • Bone Student Center
  • Quad
    • RSOs can reserve the Quad and must use Facilities Management for electricity, recycling/trash cans, and water. In addition, Facilities Managements can provide a 32-foot mobile stage, chairs, and tables for events. RSOs must have a University account in order to use any of these services, as there is a cost associated with the service.
  • Student Services Building
    • Meeting rooms are reserved through Microsoft Outlook meeting request (SSB 130, 304, 314, or 376) or by contacting Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality at (309) 438-8351.

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There are two types of RSOs: independent and sponsored. For an RSO to be classified as sponsored, the RSO must meet the sponsorship criteria. The classification process determines the University’s relationship with Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). 

The RSO Classification Assessment needs to be completed by the RSO advisor when:

  • A new RSO would like to be considered for sponsorship 
  • An existing RSO needs to be reclassified as sponsored or independent
  • The biannual re-classification process occurs

Review the RSO Classification How-To Guide for assistance when completing the RSO Classification Assessment.

Review the Sponsored RSO List for the currently sponsored RSOs.

Contact Student Activities at with questions.

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All food served in the Bone Student Center must be provided by Campus Dining Catering. There is a special menu available for RSOs. Orders must be placed a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.

Food from outside vendors (ie: any vendor, person, RSO providing food other than through Campus Dining Catering) that is to be served at a campus event must have a Temporary Food Event Permit from Environmental Health and Safety. This should be completed at least five days prior to the event.

  • Temporary Food Event Permit
    • If the RSO is picking up food/having food delivered, the permit goes in the RSO's name.
    • Prepackaged food (ie: candy bars) does not need a Temporary Food Event Permit.

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To legally screen a film for an event or larger audience, you must obtain permission in the form of a public license (fee based) or receive a written waiver from the film's producers (which is typically only granted by smaller independent filmmakers). This includes films and shows from streaming services, such as Netflix, which have their own legal parameters for public use. For more information, visit the copyright FAQ section on the Swank Motion Pictures website.

 Licensing companies include:

Milner Library has a subscription to the Kanopy Streaming Service, a multidisciplinary video streaming database including educational videos and feature films with a focus on race and gender studies, communication, education, sociology, psychology, health sciences, and the arts. The library has already purchased the streaming rights for this collection and RSOs would be able to use these for events without purchasing additional licenses.

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Protection of Minors Policy

As a community, we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for minors involved in University sponsored events. The University has in place a Protection of Minors policy, which went into effect on January 1, 2018.

The Policy does not apply to programs or events where supervision is provided by parents/legal guardians of the minors. It also does not apply to minors enrolled here as undergraduate students, or to prospective students visiting us, who are protected by other University policies

Sponsored RSOs

The Policy applies to all Illinois State University employees, public volunteers, and/or organizations who wish to participate in programs serving minors. All University sponsored programs/activities involving direct contact with minors must register with the Minors Activity Compliance Committee (MACC) no less than 60 days prior to the start of the program. For more information for Sponsored RSOs, visit the Risk Management website.

Independent RSOs

Outside groups contracting to use University property must agree to conduct criminal background checks and national sex offender registry checks and provide mandated crime reporter training for individuals within that group who will have direct contact with minors. For more information for Independent RSOs, visit the Risk Management website.

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All student organizations must apply for a license through McLean County in order to conduct a raffle.

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All university names, abbreviations, nicknames, logos, symbols, mascot, motto, and distinctive campus physical features are considered trademark property. Any designs that include such university trademarks must be approved by University Marketing and Communications (UMC). In addition, all purchases of products bearing such affiliation must be ordered from licensed vendors. Only those materials and products with a generic name (i.e., "soccer club") may be produced without formal approval. Any other items must receive UMC approval prior to use and purchase. More information is available at

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Transportation Services

Registered Student Organizations have access to a limited number of University vehicles through Fleet Services. Sport Clubs must follow the procedures established with Campus Recreation. All other organizations must adhere to the following procedure for requesting vehicles:

  • Complete the Registered Student Organization Transportation Request Form to obtain an estimate from Fleet Services. Student Activities will verify funding (if applicable) with Fleet Services. Once verified, the RSO advisor can request vehicles at the Fleet website.
  • If no University funds (student fees or departmental) are being used for travel:
    • RSO will be required to pay a deposit when keys are picked up. Deposit amount will be noted with the estimate.
    • Only checks will be accepted.
    • Invoice for the balance will be sent to the RSO and advisor via email the month following the travel.
    • RSO will have 30 days to submit payment to Fleet Services via check.
  • If University funds (student fees or departmental) have been granted for travel:
    • No deposit will be required.
    • The travel expenses will be deducted from the University account funding the travel.

For complete Fleet Services policies, visit University Vehicle Usage. For questions regarding pricing quotes and reservation processes, please contact the Office of Parking and Transportation, at or (309) 438-2038

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